Fall Cravings


I am looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors as the beautiful fall season arrives. 

Yesterday was simply splendid! 

I am not much of a fashion trendsetter but I do want to have a few things that keep me up-to-date and not looking like an old lady. 


What do you think about navy nails?

I might try essie's after school boy blazer...

I thought it might be fun for the football game and tailgate this weekend.

We have season tickets for the first time in years and scored a really good tailgate spot next to some of my old running buddies from college. Our only child left the nest a few weeks ago and started as a freshman at UNC in Chapel Hill. This weekend is parent's weekend.

I am planning to have a killer tailgate, a huge spread with all my daughter's favorites.

Bribery, at its best, so she will linger and bring all her friends with her!

We miss her!

This image really says fall to me and makes me want to spend the afternoon wrapped around one of the newest interior design books coming out in the next few weeks!

Here are some of the books I can't wait to peek inside:

Jeffrey Alan Marks, The Meaning of Home,
Tome Scheerer Decorates, Septmber 10th
Alexa Hampton Decorating in Detail, October 5th
Suzanne Kasler's Timeless Style, October 8th

I couldn't resist brining this cute jacket home from Hunter! 

You will likely see me in it everywhere I go.

I have not taken the plunge yet and bought a pair of Hunter boots. I tried! The local store sold out of all the colors I wanted. It's how I ended up with the Hunter jacket. It is so hard to decide what color to get. 

Do you go for the goes-with-everything kinda' color or go for something fun and sparky?

I decided on the feather blue. I guess everyone else did, too!

What are you most looking forward to this fall?


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A Fresh Start - Renovating a Cottage

A cute, young friend of mine has just acquired the most charming old house. It was a well-loved family house that needs a little sweat equity and a bit of imagination. My sweet friend is overwhelmed with the enormity of what has to be done and has asked for my help.  Her first project is carving out the space for a new guest bathroom since the house only has one bathroom right now. 
For inspiration, I showed her this charming bath from Phoebe Howard's East Hampton home and here's why:
Since she is working with a very small space, this neat, little bath embodies several clever strategies. Mounting the faucet on the wall saves at least three to five inches, precious space when you are working with the space traditionally reserved for a closet. 
By taking off the back legs of a cottage-style table or console, you can customize the size of the vanity to the space available. I like the openness underneath as it keeps the space from feeling claustrophobic. 
White subway tile is timeless and inexpensive. 
A small bathroom is a great space to splurge on expensive wallpaper especially if you are only papering above a tile wainscot. 
The finishing touch to me is the old french mirror. Something old grounds this space and helps to bridge the gap between the fresh modern bath and the quirky old house.

As far as the furnishings, my friend is starting from scratch. Although a blank canvas is an exciting way to begin, it comes to the question of how do you furnish an entire house when you are first starting out. I pulled the picture above from Lindsey Bond's cute little cottage. 

I love the idea of creating a floating shelf between two parallel walls. Here it is shown in the entry but it could have just as easily been placed in a little hallway.

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Mountain Destination

The beautiful custom millwork and impressive collection of white serving pieces at The Inn at Little Pond Farm.

I know it has been awhile since we have talked.

I have had a whirlwind of a summer with lots of life's little and big moments. I hope to start blogging again on a regular basis and share with you some of the things that are inspiring me.

I will miss my easy Summer wardrobe. I love this pretty embroidered dress found here.

The picturesque Inn at Little Pond Farm in Valle Crucis, North Carolina.
Over the weekend some friends and I are attending a class at the Inn at Little Pond Farm - my very favorite thing to do!  I am going to learn how to make jam and preserves using those cute little Weck canning jars and experiment with creative gift packaging. Hint: You may be getting something homemade from me this Christmas. 

Here's a vignette of one of the serene bedrooms from the Inn at Little Pond Farm.
 Do you think you would ever leave? 

The Inn at Little Pond Farm

Weck canning jars available at Crate & Barrel

I have been waiting patiently for the talented artisans at Galbraith & Paul to block print the fabric for the headboard in my master bedroom in the mountains. Here's a little vignette from the room where it will be installed and a picture of my headboard from my instagram pictures 

 It's in my dining room waiting to be picked up. Of course, the headboard  is approximately two inches too big to fit into the back of my car.

Enjoy your weekend!
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