Lemon Tree Love

hello sunshine...

I can't remember if I told you that I bought a lemon tree. I have always wanted one and this summer I took the plunge. It was not an expensive plunge yet mentally I am invested. Despite my tender lovin' care over the hot summer months, I still do not have any lemons. I plan to bring her inside before the first frost and make a home for her in a sun drenched corner of my kitchen. Does anyone have a lemon tree that would like to offer me their best lemon tree love advice?

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Architects at Home In Nantucket

My favorite time to visit the coast is in the Fall. I only wish I could make myself at home in this little Nantucket cottage I discovered this morning. It's the Nantucket home of  husband and wife architects Eric Rosenberg and Michele Kolb. To read all about the details visit Simple Pleasures, New England Home Magazine.

I am still hopelessly in love with a blue striped Dhurrie rug in a charming coastal setting!

I often see interesting old fences at the flea markets I visit. This is such an interesting, modern, graphic way to use old fence fragments.

A piece of driftwood inspired the finish for the kitchen cabinets.

I adore the lily pad botantical art, something I have never seen before.

I am loving the natural textures and plaster walls in the master bedroom.

and the simplicity and lighting in the boy's bedroom.

All images via New England Home

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Hanging Art

As of late, I am intrigued with all the new and interesting ways to display art and thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

This is such a clever way to highlight these small etchings.

I am in love with this vignette from Susan Ferrier with art hung asymmetrically on antique mirror.

These antique farmed maps bring movement to a modern space and are hung in the shape of Italy.

I have always liked an orderly grid patterned art arrangement but thought this was more interesting...take the classic grid pattern and shake it up, just a little!

I like the idea of creating a clipboard art display where you can change out the art with the season, your mood, as your children grow, highlighting your latest journey...

I like this artistic placement of this collection of prints...random, not really.

I have noticed a lot of art placement all the way to the floor and many times leaning against the wall.

I am a huge advocate for these little hallways of discovery. {Love the wallpapered focal wall!} This image is from West Elm.

I love black and white photography and love to take pictures and thought this gallery of a hallway was way cool. I might just get lost on the way to the powder room...

I like the juxtaposition of these antique prints framed in modern Lucite in a bedroom from Charlotte Moss.

I have been contemplating going big and modern and love this art in a room by Victoria Hagan.

Something old, something new....I like it!
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Farmer's Market Flowers

I wanted to send you happy weekend wishes!

I picked this adorable little bundle of flowers up at the farmer's market last week. It is amazing how just a handful of flowers picked from the garden can make a room really come alive. I love to use interesting old containers. This is an old apothecary jar that usually resides next to my range in the kitchen and holds utensils. It's one of the pretty old things I plan to sell in my etsy shop.

When I had Shari of Little Blue Deer redesign my blog in November, I had her add a shop heirloom tab at the right. I am little embarrassed to say that I am yet to add anything to my etsy shop yet. I wanted you to know that I have been putting together a collection of special flea market finds and taking photographs for the debut. I like taking and styling the photographs more than all the work it takes to put together the shop.

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Artistically Speaking: Alexa Hampton

Today's post introduces a new series I am putting together entitled Artistically Speaking that explores the philosophies and inspirations of designers, architects and artists that I admire. Although I consider myself a visual learner {i.e. I could look at pretty pictures of interiors all day!} I also enjoy reading my shelter magazines especially when interiors that have caught my attention are complemented by a thoughtful interview of the designer, architect, artist, stylist or antique dealer that created the space. I love to be included in the artistic process and learn the why. Sometimes when I am reading these inspiring passages, I dog-ear the page as something of great value resonates with me. It is either something I have felt all my life that makes me feel normal or it is something profound that i have really never considered. This new series will explore my dog-eared pages and the quotes that captivate me.

Several years back, I had the great pleasure of hearing Alexa Hampton speak. She was somewhat an unknown at the time, at least as unknown as you can be as the daughter of Mark Hampton. She visited our small luncheon here in Winston Salem, presented a slide show and lecture. She not only had a lot of extremely insightful things to share, she was incredibly gracious, down-to-earth and really  funny. I wish I had a video of that afternoon because the message she shared was so inspiring. She talked about growing up in New York with her extremely talented father and showed never before family photos of her childhood home and how it evolved through the years. She then shared her own home and discussed the choices she had  made. She told us she once sold her car, a VW bug, to buy a chair for her living room and she explained that because she couldn't afford 'good art', by her words, she created her own and framed it regally.

The two images above are from Alexa Hampton's New York apartment bedroom ...it's dog-eared pages have been a part of my bedroom inspiration files for many years and influenced the design of both my master bedroom and my guest bedroom. I have since read that she has redesigned her own bedroom and that this is now her son's room. The watercolor on top is by her father, Mark Hampton and the one below is her own.

Here's the series of quotes from the book Inspired Styles by Alexa Hampton that speak to me:

"Design is all about the editorial eye. Because I draw, I see things composed. I look at a wall and see it as an elevation. When I look at a table, I see a composition. It's almost as if my mind puts together a picture that allows me to add and delete."

"I'm looking all the time, cultivating my eye over the whole gamut of things from the most lofty to the truly mundane, from great big things to silly things. I look at buildings, at friezes, at the world around me."
"When you have a visual vernacular, you constantly refer to it. If you have a background of looking, you register problems that may exist - and you can figure out where and what they are and fix them."

I have selected just a few rooms designed by Alexa Hampton that I think would look just a beautiful 50 years from now:

"The best spaces have intelligence and rhythm or are full of opposites; tall and short, light and dark, rough and soft. When things become mono tonal, the eye grows bored and it stops."

From the book Inspired Styles

A hallway in Alexa Hampton's New York apartment that utilizes one of her favorite go-to paint colors, a rich dark brown from Benjamin Moore HC-68; Middlebury Brown. Notice the quatrefoil flush mount ceiling fixture, it's from Hampton's line for Circa Lighting

A library light from her Circa Lighting collection illuminates a bookcase in her New York apartment. She made many changes to improve the proportions of the space, including this beautiful antique mantel, which Hampton says will be coming with her if she ever moves.

I am totally captivated by the amazing storyboard Hampton created for the redesign of her New York apartment. It makes me want to make one for my own home. Sometimes the design collage is just as inspiring as the finished interior.

Alexa Hampton has designed signature collections for some of the best home furnishings companies including Hickory Chair, Kravet Fabrics, Visual Comfort and Circa Lighting and Stark Carpets.

The Alexa Hampton lighting collection for Circa Lighting is amazing. Here are just a few of my favorites:



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I Spy Seashells...

While searching for seashells, I discovered this charming Sea Captain's house in Sag Harbour. You know how it works. You get the idea for a post and go in search of interiors that captivate you and will add pizazz to your post. Suddenly, you get sidetracked from your mission when you find a killer house filled with inspiring details that make you covet. Well...on that note, welcome to the lovely home of Swedish antiques dealer Jill Dienst in Sag Harbor, New York.

I have seen many of these images before but seeing them in their entirety at this time of year when I am craving the serenity of a family home on the coast, this home simply put just made me covet...

I can't decide what I like most about this home but know I love the bleached floors and calming paint colors. They make an amazing backdrop for this house full of Swedish antiques. I can just imagine walking through that front door every day and catching a glimpse of that killer stair rail. I have to admit...that really does it for me!

There was something very familiar about the image above and being the google sleuth that I am, I went in search of more only to find out I had fallen in love with this gray wainscot before...

It seems that this Sea Captain's house was previously owned by interior design Steven Gambrel. It was fun to see how the interiors have been interpreted by two very talented, different individuals. I really like both! Here is a link to the home when it was owned by Gambrel from the designer's portfolio here.

The dining room showcases a collection of antique eighteenth century glass something I collect. I love the way it is displayed. The paneling is faux painted.

I adore the kitchen, the old world charm of the vertical paneling, open shelving and painted floors in combination with the modern range and that stainless steel table on casters. Oh my!

and the bedrooms! No explanation needed.

This lovely home left me wanting more so I went in search of Jill's Swedish antiques and look what I found. Dienst + Dotter specializes mainly in Scandinavian antiques, paintings and objects from the 17th century to the mid-20th century including a large collection of 1920-1930s lighting by Danish master Poul Henningsen. Dienst + Dotter is a reflection of owner Jill Dienst’s lifetime of passionate collecting for her own homes and pays homage to her early career influences. Before launching Dienst + Dotter in 2005, Jill Dienst spent decades at some of the finest public and private institutions in the art, antiques and design world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Didier Aaron, Inc. and time with Jacques Grange’s design studio all helped frame her unique eye and appreciation for the finest of art and antiques.
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