Happy Halloween

{the weed patch}

{paris marais home}

{twig & thistle}

{eddie ross}

{twig & thistle}

{urban comfort}

{Pumpkin Pie Shake, Vivian Summerfield from Cooking Light}

2 cups vanilla reduced-fat ice cream softened
1 cup fat-free milk
2/3 cup canned pumpkin
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
3/4 teaspoon pumpkin-pie spice
3 tablespoons frozen fat-free whipped topping, thawed
Pumpkin-pie spice

Combine first 5 ingredients in a blender; process until smooth. Pour 3/4 cup ice cream mixture into each of 4 glasses. Top each with about 2 teaspoons whipped topping; sprinkle with the additional pumpkin-pie spice, if desired.
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Down A Country Road

May your weekend take you down a country road! The leaves are peaking here in Winston Salem, great for an afternoon of photography and crisp, country air.

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Trick or Treat

Would your home be this beautiful
 if someone unexpectedly dropped by?

This lovely home inspires me daily during my morning walk. A nice treat that made me wonder if my home would be as inviting if someone just 'dropped' by. Last night I was reading about color theory in a design book I picked up at Marshalls. The designer author talked about her days in design school and how her design professor required them to mix colors and paint as a way to understand color, hues, tones and how colors work together and influence each other. She talked about living her life from that point on differently, noticing color combinations as she walked to work and being inspired by the colors in nature. I am like that. I love being outside, the change of the seasons and noticing color.

{p.s. the vine covering the railings is called sweet potato vine}

Color inspiration: pistachio, burnt orange, creamy white, gun metal gray

Just add flowers for a 'pop' of color!

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Charlotte's Metrolina Expo, Eddie Ross and Found Objects

Eddie Ross will be in Charlotte next week at Metrolina Expo, Mrs. Howards and the Interiors marketplace!

I plan to attend the Metrolina Expo in November and hope you will too. It's a family tradition {addiction}. I have been attending the flea market in Charlotte since I was in my early teens. I used to go with my father when he collected 19th century sports memorabilia. As he searched for artifacts from famous baseball parks, engraved silver trophies and 1920's sports novelties, I educated my eye. My father bought what he loved and shared the story with anyone who wanted to hear it.

I have learned a lot over the years about a lot of different collectibles, antiques, periods, styles, genres and cultures. I learned by exploring and asking questions as I browsed. Dealers are eager to tell you about their wares and always surprise me with interesting details and history.

Thursday, November 4 ~ Sunday, November 7
Charlotte, North Carolina

Eddie Ross will be leading two guided shopping trips through the market on Friday, November 5th from 11:00-2:00 and on Saturday, November 6th starting at 11:00 AM. The trips are sold out but you might be able to catch a glimpse of Eddie and his entourage as they meander through the market. I can't wait to see what he finds! That's one of my favorite things about going antique shopping with friends ~ the show and tell after the market!

Below, I would like to share a few of the things that I look for while browsing at Metrolina.

{my collection of 18th and 19th century glass}

I use my collection for seasonal flowers or as an accent in the powder room with a candle or to hold silver forks and spoons at the buffet when I entertain. You can't see the detail but the largest glass reads "Souvenir de la Fete", I think it was a wine tasting festival souvenir. It is the perfect size for flowers. The little tumbler in the front has etched birds entwined in grape vine. The footed goblet bears a family crest and the initials 'A.L.' in a lovely script. When not in use, they are displayed together on a writing desk in my entrance hall. The light comes through the window and illuminates the etching and gold accents on the hand blown case bottles. The two-handled trophy style goblet is engraved with forget-me-nots and reads "Remember me" in script. If you go to the November Metrolina Expo look for one of my favorite dealers, Cherry Orchard Antiques. Liz almost always has a few interesting pieces I consider adding to my collection.

{a collection of 'basket of flowers' coin silver spoons}

The soft luster of coin silver has had me entranced for as long as I can remember. I love to look through stacks at market looking for friends initials. I collect two special patterns ~ Basket of Flowers and Sheaf of Wheat. I use them when I entertain.

{'basket of flowers' coin silver spoons}

If you are lucky enough to find a treasured piece of antique silver that does not already have a monogram, you can leave it with Tim Buchanan, one of the east coast’s best known and most respected hand engravers.

When I was sixteen, my first job in Charlotte was with jeweler Baily, Banks and Biddle and one of my weekly responsibilities was delivering the hand engraving to Tim's father Jim Buchanan. Often times, I had to stay and wait while Mr. Buchanan engraved. If you have never seen freehand, intaglio-style engraving, you should. It is truly amazing. Hand engraving is truly becoming a lost art. Charlotte is very fortunate to have such a unique and talented artisan easily accessible at the Metrolina Expo. So, bring with you any treasured pieces you would like engraved or be on the look-out for special gifts to have personalized while you are at the market.

The above image is a picture of my friend Susan's Victorian baby ring charm bracelet. Thank you, Susan, for letting me share this amazing treasure with the blog-world. I am living in fear that someone is going to come by cover of dark and steal this lovely while it has been in my possession. She has been collecting these charming rings for many years and always adds a few for her bracelet at Metrolina. Susan and I like to peruse Metrolina together, each seeking out different heirlooms. I am totally enchanted by her bracelet and have devoted another day to share close-ups with you...you will simply not believe it!

{a hotel silver compote I purchased at Metrolina many years ago}

{bittersweet vine}

I love to bring home big, bunches of dried bittersweet vine! It is a great accent for the Thanksgiving table or just in a vase in the entrance hall. There is usually at least one vendor that carries it at Metrolina. You'll know if it's at the market because you will see everyone carrying an armful!

{from stylist Rebecca Thuss}

{Tusk Old World}

I love the look of antlers mixed into a gallery wall! Jimmy at Tusk Old World has the nicest {and most reasonably priced} antlers I have seen. He also has some that he has whitewashed that have a pleasing Belgian aesthetic! His booth is full of interesting and quirky lodge inspired objects. In my opinion, every room needs a special touch from nature ~ horns, shells, driftwood, pine cones, and branches.

Although I always go to Metrolina with my wish list in hand, I always come home with 'found objects'. The little gourd pumpkin above is one of my favorite old things. He comes out of hiding every Halloween and brightens my entrance hall chest. Folk art and pure Americana, my little pumpkin is probably from around the turn-of-the-century. The warm patina and rich color delight me! I think he was $15. You should know there are many, many things that will find you at Metrolina that are truly inexpensive, yet priceless.

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Fall Fashion

Several outragiously cute outfits found me on this rainy day!

They remind me of the casual everyday elegance I encountered everywhere in France. No coincidence, actually, as these cute little numbers are from Comptoir des Cotonniers, a french shop found on every corner in France but now also in New York.

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Cottage Industry: Discovering Galbraith and Paul

What's not to love about Galbraith and Paul textiles?

It must be the artist in me that has thrown me head over heels for Galbraith and Paul!

Galbraith and Paul started in 1986 in Philadelphia as a cottage industry making handmade paper shades and has grown into a fabric design and printing studio with a collection of lighting with hand block printed shades, textiles and rugs. I am inspired by their commitment to the 'Studio Workshop Tradition' and enjoyed reading about their design processes on their informative website.

Galbraith & Paul creations are block printed to order, one shade and one yard at a time. Can you even stand it! How many fabric company's are still making fabrics the old fashioned way ~ hand block printed? These images of the printing process make me love it even more! Because it is printed to order, G & P allows for color substitutions and custom colors.

"The imperfection on each piece is the very thing that makes it special" Ephraim Galbraith

I couldn't agree more. The subtleties in color and unique textures created from the printing process are what I am drawn to. I love anything 'touched by an artist'. I also love their original color combinations and unique graphic patterns.

Galbraith's designs draw inspiration from diverse styles and cultures, including the bold graphics of Scandinavian textiles, the botanical silhouettes of the Arts & Crafts movement and traditional Japanese floral patterns.

I think I have found my dream job!

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Seasonal Palette: The Color Orange

{Amelia Handegan}

The color orange is seeping into my favorite color inspiration file. I am clearly a fan of a neutral palette infused with blues and greens but recently I have found myself interested in this delicious fall favorite. I like orange when presented with warm, dark woods and sepia tones. Charleston designer, Amelia Handegan, is a master with color and uses orange to its full potential. An orange palette seeks to capture the warm glow of a fire or the luster of the sunset. It's a happy color I think I could learn to love. I think maybe orange is one of the colors to watch right now.

{Empel Lighting via Belgian Pearls}

{Amelia Handegan}

{Amelia Handegan}

{Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine}

{Todd Ramano and Robert Burke}

{Atlanta Homes Magazine via Haven and Home}

Aa Hermes blanket offers a classic pop of orange!

{via Greige}

Seasonal flowers offer an easy opportunity to add a dash of color. The lovely coral tulips add so much to this room's appeal.

{Gjelina Restaurant, California}

{Little Brown Pen}

{Big Paisley in apricot from Galbraith and Paul)

Galbraith and Paul began making hand made paper shades and evolved into a fabric design and printing studio. Their hand block printed shades and fabrics are made one yard at a time in their Philadelphia studio. Their colors are amazing and truly shout their hand printed goodness!

{Spring garden in marigold from Galbraith and Paul}

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